The Sustainable Era

As R&R Luxury turned 10 in 2020, as a brand, we have committed to be more sustainable in all of our practices.

Sustainable Sourcing/ Supply Chain

The majority of R&R product ingredients are soured locally in Ghana. We will strive to keep our supply chain as local as possible to maintain wealth within local communities and decrease our carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly packaging

We are taking steps to eliminate single use plastics in our packaging, replacing it with paper, cardboard and tin packaging. Shop our eco-friendly packaging range now (button linking through to eco-friendly collection)

Parkland development

We are committed to preserving the environment from which we receive our precious ingredients. To mark our 10th anniversary in 2020, we planted our first Shea tree in the north of Ghana and have pledged to plant another 100 over the next few years.

Female Empowerment

R&R’s social arm, Women of the Savannah Development Project, was created to empower our raw material producers in the Rural North of Ghana.

Last year we:

  • Provided these amazing women a with a processing centre with semi-mechanised machinery
  • Continued to purchase shea butter from them at a rate above market value
  • Implemented a training program to help them with their kraft
  • Provided them with protective clothing and equipment to ensure their shea nut collecting process is safe
  • Introduced them to the processing of other nuts and oils to keep them busy even outside of the shea season